HOODAKI Completing 10 Years of Reliance

HOODAKI relies on the experience of its agents who have spent more than 10 years in travel industry. With a decade of dedicated existence, the company has grown to be regarded as one of the torch bearers of the modern advancements in the industry.

Although we love technology, we do not neglect the significance of direct communication with the clients. This is what gives us a distinct identity in the industry. People from around the nation have come to rely on our commitment to an affordable travel solution.

Affordable Flights – HOODAKI’s Core of Specialization

The core of our specialization is the ease with which we are able to offer cheap flight deals in the UK. We are a London based travel company having alliances with a number of international airlines and other travel-related companies. We do not just offer discount airfares, but also great offers on hotel booking, car rentals and travel insurance. Over the years, we have succeeded in creating a huge base of satisfied clients who rank us far above the rest in the industry  in terms of reliability, affordability, and after-sale support.

Some Facts about HOODAKI

We can be trusted because:-
  • We are registered with IATA and ATOL.
  • We have achieved preferred partner status with over 50 international carriers.
  • We have a dedicated customer service desk that remains accessible almost always.